Luxury Services

The lives of professional athletes, entertainers, and distinguished high-level professionals can be both exciting and demanding.  When you’re a high-profile individual, finding the perfect place to live can be daunting.   Sure, you have the resources, but do you have time to waste looking at places that are not right or figuring out how to navigate your fame?  No!

Do you have a REALTOR® that knows the market, treasures your time and protect your privacy and match you with the perfect property?   I'm that REALTOR®!

I meet your UNIQUE real estate needs

That’s why so many sports, entertainment and high-level business personalities are turning to Cynthia Orange with Churchill - Brown & Associates Real Estate Services. Specializing in unique, luxury, high-end luxury condos to buy, sell, invest in or lease. Clients love the way we know the market, treasure their time, protect their privacy and match them to the perfect property.